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DeepWater Scuba Dive Training

DeepWater Scuba offers private, one-on-one and small-group dive training, and every scuba certification class is customized based on the schedule and dive goals of the students.
With more than 20 certifications offered, DeepWater Scuba has a class to meet the needs from beginners to seasoned divers.

Located in Tampa, Florida, DeepWater Scuba is non-brick-and-mortar and can train throughout the central Florida region. Dive training can even begin in the privacy of your very own pool.
With an all-inclusive price policy, students have the assurance they will not face bait-and-switch tactics or up-selling.

Experience the confidence that comes with true, concierge dive training.
DeepWater Scuba owner, Captain “Scuba” Steve Summers, PADI, MSDT, is an independent instructor you can trust to provide educational and informational classes fueled by his passion to train and mentor a group of divers that dive and travel together.

If you are ready to take the plunge and learn to dive, need to refresh your skills before safely diving again, or are itching to get advanced or specialty training, contact Captain Steve today!


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The Fun With Snorkeling two-hour pool course makes snorkeling more comfortable and relaxing by teaching the proper techniques for descending, clearing snorkels, kicking and finning.

Unsure about scuba diving? Discover Scuba Diving is a three-hour, non-certification course where you will learn the basics of safe diving, breathing while submerged and the proper use of equipment, all in a controlled pool environment.

Open Water classes are full certification and include an e-learning module, two days of pool work and four open water dives over two days. The final two open water dives are all boat dives in the Gulf of Mexico, weather permitting.

Every beginner class is all inclusive and there are no hidden fees. No additional equipment, tools or dive-site upgrades are needed beyond what in included with the course.


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Advanced Open Water training expands a diver’s basic scuba knowledge and hones key skills. Consisting of five dives over two days, every DeepWater Advanced Class covers Peak Bouyancy, Underwater Navigation, Deep Diving and two, student-selected specialties.

Every advanced class is all inclusive, with the exception of equipment, and there are no hidden fees. (Advanced divers are expected to have their own equipment). No additional tools or dive-site upgrades are needed beyond what is included with the course.


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Training Packages


Specialties & Pro Divers


Specialty certifications allow divers to test their limits and dive more challenging sites.

Longing to dive a deep wall? Penetrate a wreck? Search & Recover lost items?

Experience a feeding frenzy during a night dive? Get the perfect lighting on a underwater video shoot? Get longer bottom times?

DeepWater Scuba offers the courses that give you the skills and qualifications to explore a greater variety of underwater venues.

For those ready to go Pro, DeepWater Scuba also offers Dive Master and Assistant Instructor training.


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Scuba Certification Classes

    • Open water
    • Advanced Open Water
    • Rescue
    • Dive Master
    • Master Diver

Scuba Specialty Certification Classes
    • Wreck Diving
    • Deep diving
    • Peak Buoyancy
    • Underwater Navigation
    • Search and Recovery
    • Night Diving
    • Boat Diving
    • Drift Diving
    • Underwater Hunter
    • Underwater Naturalist
    • Project Aware
    • Aware Coral Reef Conservation
    • Enriched Air (Nitrox)


Non – Certification Classes
    • Fun with Snorkeling
    • Discover Scuba
    • Scuba Review

Non – Scuba Certification Classes

    • CPR/First Aid
    • O2 Provider

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