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DeepWater Scuba offers private, one-on-one and small-group training at an all-inclusive price, for about the same as a dive shop’s total fee for their large group classes. A low student-to-instructor ratio ensures ample time for each student and more confident new divers. Each class is customized to the student’s schedule and dive goals. With this customization and small-group setting, students truly experience concierge scuba training.

DeepWater Scuba is not another dive shop selling “discounted” lessons then tacking on non-included items and pricy equipment. On the contrary, as a non-brick-and-mortar operation, there is no shop to feed, line of equipment to push, or ridiculous overhead number to hit. Unlike commercial dive shops, DeepWater Scuba supplies all necessary equipment, including often excluded mask, snorkel, fins, boots, gloves, weight belt, and weights. This saves divers-in-training hundreds of dollars of additional charges and hidden fees.

Once the lessons are complete, it is time to go diving. DeepWater Scuba offers dives in the Gulf of Mexico and throughout Florida as well as travel opportunities to exotic and unusual locations across the US and around the globe.


Train From The Best

Meet Captain Stephen Summers, PADI, MSDT – Founder DeepWater Scuba

For 40 years, DeepWater Scuba owner, Captain “Scuba” Steve Summers, traversed the globe exploring some of the most exquisite waters known to exist.

Captain Steve is proud to be part of the elite Professional Association of Diving Instructors [PADI], and to have earned his Master Scuba Diving Trainer (MSDT) rating.

Captain Steve is an independent diving instructor you can trust to provide educational and informational classes fueled by his passion and extraordinary vision to train and mentor a group of divers that dive and travel together.


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