What Our Clients Say 


Very Passionate, Loves What He Does

Stephen is very passionate and loves what he does. Good friend and business man. You will have a blast!”

– Frances G.



Amazing Instructor!

“Steve is an amazing instructor! Very knowledgeable and very personable!”

– Dori J.



Caring, Helpful Instructor

“Just went to finish my Open Water Certification with my instructor Steve. He was very friendly and a very nice guy. He truly cares. When we went out in the bay on a boating trip the condition were too rough for me and I didn’t want to dive. He didn’t pressure me nor try and persuade me in. He was very helpful and an awesome instructor.”

– Noah S.



Safe & Fun

“Go see Captain Steve, he will keep you safe and you will have fun at the same time.

– Gerald J.



Great Instructor

“Captain Steve is one of the best divers I know and he’s a GREAT instructor.”

– Jason N.



The Best, Trustworthy

“Thank you Steve for giving our grandson the best scuba diving lesson. One reason why we chose you is because we trust you with his life”

– Marlou M.



Great Learning Experience

“Steve was really competent and patient adding a ton of good info that was helpful for safe and comfortable diving. My son and I finished our open water certification and had a great learning experience”

– Joel S.



Professional, Safe Guidance

“My husband and I were visiting friends in the area and wanted to get one day of diving in. Because we had never dove those waters “Scuba” Steve came under water with us. He was non-intrusive. Steve let my husband and I discover by ourselves and redirected us when we were going off course. He also made sure to point out some of the species along the way. It was great having a professional that just let us dive while ensuring our safety and that we didn’t get lost/stray too far from the laid out path. Thanks. You rock!”

– Michela F.



Patient, Informative, Professional

“Our instructor Scuba Steve was patient, informative and obviously a real pro. I never felt rushed or intimidated by all the equipment and procedures. I loved that safety was of the highest priority and Steve patiently (I know I mentioned that before but it bears repeating) ran us through safety procedures until we all felt comfortable and relaxed. Thank you for your professionalism, helpfulness and (again) patience”

– Don D.